Saturday, July 07, 2012

Funnel Cakes

We were here.  At the Zumbro River Community Festival.
Way back in June.  The 23rd.  Twenty twelve.

We took the VIPs who were spending the weekend at "Camp Cottage" for some fun, food, and fireworks.  These young gymnasts and their little brother dominated the bungee jump!

The kiddos had a blast at all the festival "attractions."  They checked in with us often, and Nate kept an eye on them as they tried out the inflatables, zipline, climbing wall, bungee jump and other activities.

Meanwhile, Mr. D and I were volunteering at the funnel cake stand.  Mr. D totally dominated the funnel cakes!  Funnel cakes = yummy!

Mr. D has no desire to eat a funnel cake.
I'm still willing.

What's your take on this deep fried delight?  Take it?  Love it?  Leave it?


  1. we love (LOVE!!!!) funnel cakes! They are a theme park/fair food must have for us!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE funnel cakes, but know how horrible they are for you, I cant just eat a little bit of one, I must eat the whole thing, and of course I just don't quit with powdered sugar, I gotta have the whip cream and chocolate, you know...the works, I haven't had one for a long time, but my mouth is watering for one now.

  3. They did look good & smell good -- it was just the volume of funnel cakes ... we sold over 200 (I did not fry them all, but I'd say at least 70). Good Times.

  4. That is a great shot of the VIPs! Thanks again so much. They had a lovely time :-)


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