Monday, June 18, 2012

Two in One

We celebrated two big days on Sunday.
Father's Day and a birthday.

Our Natey Boy was born on June 17th (a Wednesday25 years ago (whoa...those 25 trips around the sun went fast!)  In the past 25 years the two special days have only landed on the same day four times.  1990.  2001. 2007. 2012.  

The kid and the dad have both always been good sports about sharing their day.
We celebrated at The Cottage on Sunday

(made by Baby Girl)

white chocolate and milk chocolate
covered strawberries
(made by Baby Girl)

Boy's favorite (from Sam's Club) chocolate cake.
(I make a killer chocolate cake, but for some reason, the boy loves the Sam's cake)

In fact, Boy loves the cake so much that he couldn't wait
til after dinner to have a piece.
Father couldn't wait either and joined in the cake caper. 

Other food items not pictured:

Homemade pizza
 (both the guys love)


Rhubarb Crisp


  1. I think I need to adopt your baby girl for a few months to help us remember how to celebrate things again....

    rhubarb margaritas...they sound amazing. how 'bout a recipe post?

  2. Karyn.... I'll send you the recipe for the margaritas ... but will tell you, for all the work involved, the taste didn't measure up. Not enough rhubarb flavor for us.

  3. Looks like a fun day! We made homemade pizza too, cooked it on the grill for the first time so we didn't heat up the house. We all liked it better that way. And the cake reminds me of how my mom would always buy me a Sanders Chocolate Bumpy Cake for my birthday. My favorite cake ever!

  4. Mmmmm mmmmm yummy treats! It's cool that Nate and Kirk get to share their special days every now and then.

  5. Karyn.... here's the link to the rhubarb margaritas...

  6. How fun and festive it all looks!

  7. I can't take all the credit Karyn! My mom found the recipe and made the rhubarb syrup part! i just did the rest! but it was all awesome and delicious! :)


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