Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Project

And so it began...

Our weekend project.

I've had a penchant for raised garden beds for a couple years. Raised beds just seem like a good way to keep weeds under control, keep plantings together with defined paths, and just look orderly.  I like orderly and neat.  I just don't always live that way.

Mr. D and I have had many discussions on raised beds.  And gardening.
Me pleading my case for raised beds.
Him pleading his case against them.
So, we came to a compromise.

We agreed on one raised garden bed.  A trial run.

A Menard's run in the morning for materials.  Then construction began.

While Mr. D did his construction thing, I moved plants, 
planted tomatoes and herbs and planted seeds and bulbs.

After the box was built, it was time to fill the bed with dirt.  We had a large pile of dirt (and compost) on the edge of our garden from our landscaping project last summer that we used to fill the bed.  Twenty-five wheelbarrow loads of dirt was dumped in the box.  To get the dirt in the box/bed Mr. D built a dirt ramp up to and into the bed for the wheelbarrow to travel on.
THAT was brilliant.

Nike, our Norwich Terrier, was fascinated with the project...

Hearing us talk about the garden bed, Nike must have concluded we were making a bed for him!

He was very persistent.
And very tired.
He eventually settled next to the bed.

and quickly fell asleep.

It was a very long day

and he didn't stop moving for more than 6 hours

If you want to make your own 12' x 4' raised bed, here's the supplies you'll need:

4 - 12 foot 2x6 boards
2 - 8 foot 2x6 boards
Wood screws - 3 inch and 2.5 inch
1 dozen (pre-made) wood stakes
Skill saw
Tape measure
1 cordless screwdriver
One skilled engineer/carpenter/diy-er/loving husband! 


  1. Some good pictures of Nike... the active dog.

  2. looks great! only thing you forgot in your supply list is one skilled engineer/carpenter/diy-er/loving husband! ;)

  3. ^You are SO right Danae! Without your dad, there wouldn't be a garden bed! Going to fix that now :)

  4. We have a raised garden - not as high as this one but I like it! we have to keep a fence around it to keep put the bunnies who like to snack!

  5. Cant wait to see the Fruits of your labor!

  6. Deb.... I didn't realize you had a raised garden! I'll have to see it! How big is it?

  7. Jackie .... I wish the "fruits" of our labor would come sooner than later. I love watching the garden grow, but it's hard to wait!


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