Monday, May 14, 2012

Pool drama

A sparkly blue pool doesn't just happen.
It involves physical labor, chemical balancing, vacuuming, skimming, brushing and more.

Each year when the pool cover is peeled away, we wonder how long it will take to get the water sparkly blue again.  Mr. D claims it takes one week to transform the water from black to blue.

The water isn't actually black.  The bottom of the pool is black/gray which makes the water appear dark.  (note:  what appears to be large rocks in the pool is a reflection of the clouds)

Once the cover is removed, we lay it out on the driveway to dry it out

Then sweep off all the debris

then it gets rolled up

and packed in the storage bag

then taken to the shed until fall.

Meanwhile, Baby Girl works away at vacuuming the bottom of the pool...

where progress is clearly being made...

and Gabby declares it is clean enough for her first swim of the year!

with the pool water at about 56 degrees, we are all OK with her
being the first in the pool!

Skimmer baskets are cleaned out several times a day ...

Mr. D rocked the pool opening this year!

We are declaring it a record turn around! 
This is the quickest clear up yet.

Saturday morning: 

Monday afternoon:


  1. Just in time for the perfect weather :)

  2. Here's to a good year of pool monitoring... may our PH always be balanced :)


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