Monday, April 09, 2012

We did work

We arrived late Thursday night.  
Our mission:  to get some work done at my sister and bro's (in-love) home to give them a head start on graduation open house preparations.
Night One:  Visited.  Relaxed. Snacked. Hit the sack.  
With a 9:00 am work start, we needed our beauty rest.

Friday/Crew One:  Nate, Mackenzie, Bailey
Mission:  Clean up yard and make it pretty
Trim tree branches
Spray paint yard furniture
Begin mulch  project

My nieces (at least 3 of them) don't bother to match their socks.
Mackenzie, with mulch feet..

Friday/Crew Two:  Da Guys (Kirk & Scott)
Mission:  Shape up pool deck and prepare to stain
Power Wash pool deck
Pick up lumber to replace select deck boards
Sand deck (select spots)

Friday/Crew Three:  Cheri, Dee Dee
Mission:  Makeover the builder grade oak kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen cabinet doors/drawers removed
Cabinet doors/drawers/frames wiped down with TSP then deglossed
Apply primer to frames/doors/drawers
Apply first coat of paint to frames/doors/drawers
Set-up/clean-up breakfast & lunch


With the little energy we had left around 7:00 PM we cleaned ourselves up, then headed to Portillo's (love their Italian beef sandwiches!) for dinner with Amy, Dirk, Jersti, Kale and Brigs.  Nephew Tristan was at his Dance Force Class.  (He is an amazing dancer)

We thought we might play some games when we got back, but we were all pretty wiped out, so sleep was the most popular option!

Day two report tomorrow.

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