Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We did work. Day Two.

Saturday/Crew One:  Nate, Bailey
Mission:  More mulch by the truckload.  Spread mulch.

A dozen truckloads of mulch

= a pretty landscaped yard

Saturday/Crew Two:  Da Guys (Kirk & Scott)
Mission:  Stain pool deck, make final repairs.

Saturday/Crew Three:  Cheri, Dee Dee
Apply 2nd and 3rd coats of paint to cabinet frames, drawers, doors.

By 6:00 PM the teams wrapped up the work, and prepared for some fun, food and downtime with family.

Mr. D couldn't resist Scott's offer to take the motorcycle for a spin.
He returned from his ride with a big grin.

After a fabulous dinner of Chicago deep dish, butter crust pizza from Lou Malnati's, Auntie Dee surprised everyone with DQ buster bars, dilly bars and frozen bananas!

The first DQ of the season!

someone managed TWO dilly bars!

This is a very common site when we are all together
hanging out and snuggled up
laughing and loving

It was a good day
and a fun weekend!

Family "mission trips" will likely continue
It's fun to work together and accomplish projects!

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  1. Looks great Cheri! We do a lot of "family work" with my husband's side too... ya get a lot more accomplished and in less time too. :)


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