Friday, April 13, 2012

Us girls

First born (a.k.a. Wild One) (a.k.a. Cara) arrived via Delta Airlines at the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport at 10:10 am on Thursday morning.

Baby Girl (a.k.a Danae) and I met her outside the luggage claim and within minutes we were on our way to the Albertville Outlets where we shopped til we dropped!

On our long drive home to Rochester, Cara, who is a labor and delivery nurse, got me all caught up and educated on the current labor and delivery process.  There's been a few changes since I've had my kiddos, but not as many as you'd expect in 26 years.   One big change...definitely  not as many drug free (we called them "natural) births now.  Cara just informed me that 98% of births are with epidurals and of the remaining 2%, only 1% are by choice.  (stats are representative of the hospital she works at)
"Natural" now refers to non cesarean births.

Any guys reading ... sorry about the girl talk.


  1. Such a great picture of three beautiful ladies! Did you score big at the outlets?
    P.S. All three of mine were "natural" At one point I remember asking someone to shoot me in the head, that's all I have to say about that.

  2. We didn't do too bad at the outlets ... but weren't too impressed with the prices either. My 3 were natural too Jackie .... and I really don't regret it at all.

  3. Cute pic of you girls.
    Interesting stats. No drugs for me, by choice.

  4. Thanks Jen! It was fun to spend the day with my girls. You'd be in the 1% in Cincinnati!


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