Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Mantel

Hey, how are ya?
This unseasonably warm weather here kinda pulled me outdoors and off the blog radar for a little longer than I expected!

About a week ago Mr. D pruned our apple trees, and I grabbed several branches to bring indoors and force blooms.  After a week, they are budding out beautifully, and bring the touch of spring I needed to our mantel.

I had fun pulling together the mantel decor for spring...

I didn't buy a single item, just used what I had, and borrowed from other rooms.  The picture came from our bedroom, the pitcher from over the cupboards, the books ...yup, from the bookshelves, and my favorite picture of Mr. D and his dad fishing was moved from an end table to the mantel.

The books belonged to Mr. D's mom.  They were her school books ... complete with her name on them!

I was a little late cutting pussy willow branches this year.  By the time I cut them they were already past their prime and looking more like fuzzy caterpillars!

There were plenty of apple tree branches to go around ... so I put some on the dining table too

We've enjoyed watching the branches bud out every day

Happy Spring everyone!

P.S.   I linked up with The Lettered Cottage Spring Mantel Party!

The Lettered Cottage


  1. I love seeing what you have in store for your mantel with each season. It's lovely as usual. Nice touch with the apple tree branches, I would have never thought of that, maybe that's why my mantel never changes.

  2. My mantel has had the same 4 things on it since we moved here....I just added a new cute little lamp last Fall, but that's it. so how about....after you change out your mantel for a new season/holiday, then you just jump in your car and come and do mine??

  3. Let's do it Karyn!

  4. Me too! I actually have pictures of our bare mantel that I've taken for the specific purpose of sending to you for ideas, but just haven't sent them yet.

  5. Jen .... send the photos!


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