Monday, March 12, 2012

Four things...

Our Nike dog came to us via a chance encounter with Camp Companion and our unexpected, totally spontaneous adoption.

His breed was unknown.  We have since nailed his breed down to a Norwich Terrier.  He fits all the descriptions from personality to looks.

Tonight  this advertisement was in our local paper:
Norwich Terrier Pup: Rare Opportunity.
Non-allergenic; 3 months; family raised & loved; Mature at 13lbs. Smart, sensible, sweet, & kind. Super Friendly – Loves people. Shots & Worming; Vet Checked Housebroken; Some training started. Best puppy ever. $1,200. 651-216-3341

We had no idea how "valuable" our little adopted dog was -- we just knew we fell in love quickly.  He is everything the ad above describes of the little puppy for sale.

We sent this chicken to the "farm" last week.
She was sick.  I couldn't do the "deed".  Nuff said.

Eggs.  We had another gargantuan egg show up in the chicken coop this week.  It's so large we can't even close the egg carton over it.  It's a large egg size carton.

Loving our warm Minnesota spring ....
High 60's tomorrow --- 70's on Wednesday.
Because it's so warm -- I'll be riding the trails along the Zumbro River on my favorite mare, Layla, tomorrow afternoon!

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  1. Your dog is sweet, Sorry for your chicken, that egg is huge, and I love this warm weather as well, but miss the winter that wasn't. (hanging out clothes today :) Happy riding.... I would love to do that some day!


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