Saturday, March 03, 2012

Another paint makeover

While I was in the painting mood a couple weeks ago, and working on this piece, I dragged another (long-ago) garage sale find out to the garage to give it a new look too.

This character has played many roles in our home(s) over the years, as most of the furniture does around here.  Starting out in the kitchen of our first home in NY, it provided extra storage. and was a very 1980's "country blue."
Leaving the kitchen in around 1988,  it was painted red, and put it in our little boy's room -- who is now an adult man.  (eeek)  It spent many years in the boy's room, until I reclaimed it for storage in our basement.  It was looking a bit tough by then.

I could see a brighter future for this trusty, and sturdy piece, I just needed to find the "round tuit" and git R done!
I finally got a "round tuit"..
put some primer on and
painted the never before painted interior

Found some 50% off hardware at Hobby Lobby
(still need to spray paint the screws)

I thought this baby would be going in my front foyer,
but decided the great room was a better option.  For now.

Currently the cabinet holds yarn, knitting, crocheting projects
and magazines/books.

and is a nice bright spot in the room

Here's the transformation...

Before I put away the paint and sawhorses in the garage (Mr. D's request), I have a couple other paint projects to do, so guess what I'm doing Sunday afternoon?!


  1. As usual.... you do such good work. It looks lovely, and I really like where you decided to sit it. Cant wait to see more :)

  2. Love it! You are good at recycling!


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