Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday's mail

For some odd reason, we never walked down to our mailbox yesterday to get the mail.  Maybe we were too busy painting.  Or doing taxes. 

It wasn't until nearly 7:00 PM on our return from church that we picked up our find a large, long, and flat package sticking out of our mailbox.

A package that included these photos of my nieces and nephews ...

and a very sweet card ...

My youngest sister, Amy sent the package.  A gift from their family.  Man do I love this family.  She's "the baby".  Fourth girl.  Yup, 4 girls.  No boys.   I was 11 when mom broke the news to me that she was expecting baby 4 and I remember the day like it was yesterday.  One of the bestdaysofmylife!  But that's a story for another day.

Besides the photos of the kiddos, and the sweet card, this was also in the package...

An extra large utility bag from Thirty-one.  My first one.
I L.O.V.E. it!
Just two days ago I sat at our kitchen table drooling over my laptop as I browsed the online catalog, then proceeded to add my first choice selection to a party a friend in Indiana was hosting.  The above gift was my 2nd choice!  I get my 1st and 2nd choices!  How happy am I?
So happy I did the happy dance!

Maybe I'll talk Baby Girl into hosting a party so I can see everything in person.  (I swore off hosting home parties years ago).  If home parties would offer the option to give your guests the hostess perks, I'd be interested.  I want everyone to enjoy the benefit. 

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  1. YEAH! Glad you liked it! I LOVE mine! I love it so much I had to buy myself another! I use it ALL the time!
    Happy Birthday Cheri!
    Love ya!
    It was fun skiing on "your hill" this weekend! All of our friends who come skiing with us call it Aunt Cheri's hill. At first they look for the sign that says, "Aunt Cheri's hill"! Until Kale explains that we spent all day skiing on that hill with Aunt Cheri and teaching her how to ski! :)


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