Monday, February 27, 2012

Dropping names

Back in the day, like when Mr. D and I were mere high school students, our mutual friend, Shelley "set us up."   Shelley was also really good at encouraging us youngsters in our "togetherness."  To this day, I'm thankful for her contribution in our lives!

Shelley and I were pretty tight for many years.  We slept over at each other's homes, hung out with our group of friends, sang in a church singing group (Shelley would sing in my ear to keep me in tune),  were in a bowling league (yup), I was in her wedding, and was there the day she came home from from the hospital with her first baby.  Erin.

Fast forward to 2012 -- Erin is now married.  Lives in NYC.  Is a professional Singer/Actor AND owns Pickles and Pies, and is a blue ribbon winning piesmith!   She is the beautiful spittin' image of her momma and just as talented!  Check out the inspiration style shoot below featuring Erin and her hubby.  It is stunning!

Downton Abbey Inspiration Shoot from Tree of Life Films on Vimeo.

Erin (on the right) and her friend sing. <sigh> more.....

Miles and years have come between us old friends, but thanks to Facebook, we've found each other again and I'm looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) that Mr. D and I can catch up with Shelley face-to-face!  I know it will be like this.....


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM CST

    Love that quote. What a beautiful and talented young woman who reminds me so much of her mom!

  2. Very cool post! Glad you reconnected with a long lost friend. Those girls are a hoot :)


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