Tuesday, January 24, 2012

trompe l'oeil

As you know, Mr. D and I were at Dickson Valley Camp over the weekend.  We've been there numerous times before.  This time there was something new.  Some walls had been painted in the downstairs meeting/lodging areas of the dining hall.

I was amazed at the detail, the creativity, the talent and, dare I say ... beauty, of the walls.
This wall with the birch tree trunks blew me away.

I've been thinking where I (or some artsy friend) could do this in The Cottage.
I'm really digging the wall words too.  Who needs vinyl?  The font is pretty awesome too!

Off the top of my head, I think this would look nice in the basement TV room

I have a thing for trees.

The wall art didn't stop with trees and words .... 

This trompe l'oeil brick wall was amazing!  Believe it or not ... it is painted on cinder block!

This is a different wall than the ones above, but you can see that it is cinder block here.

The artist was very clever and creative in how she even "framed" the doors to the dorm rooms with paint.  The trim on the sides of the doors looks like brick too.

Isn't the font she used divine?

Other walls and areas had various trees ...

as if I need it .... proof that I have a thang for trees ...
I recently bought a new duvet cover -- I'll show you soon.

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  1. I Love the birch trees on the wall, I think you should do it :)


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