Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photobooth I

We had a photo booth at Cara & Tim's wedding --- last August.
It was a hoot!  Loved by young and old-er alike.  The photo booth, built by our friend, John A. who is married to Deb A. (in photo below) over at Recipes for Life is incredible.  Not only does it have a green screen which allows you to use any photo background you want, it also prints a color copy with 2 strips of 3 photos (see below) it also saves all the photos.

Note:  Their are 2 duplicate strips on the photo card ... one for the guests to keep, one for the bride and groom to keep.  More details on that process later....

The most photographed person in the photo booth
was my 7 year old nephew, Kale

Exhibit A








and these are only the photos of Kale by himself
in the photo booth!
There are dozens more of him with other people!

More tomorrow ....
The 2nd most photo boothed person 


  1. That was a very fun idea, we only did it twice, but I was tempted to do it more :)

  2. Well, I should have posed better!! ha. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it - John has made even more improvements including video! Last year we were both emerged in wedding stuff - I'm liking the breather now... oh and I will respond to your email... just busy busy at work and getting caught up!!!

  3. HAHAHA! So funny! I guess Kale really meant it when he said he wanted to be on magazines! Crazy kid! Thanks for putting up with that little man!


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