Saturday, January 14, 2012

Must try this ...

Mr. D and I did a little errand running and shopping last night.  It was dinner time when we headed out, so we planned to get some grub along our way.  Neither of us were feeling a big meal or the usual restaurants we hit up, so we decided to have a sandwich. Mr. D and Baby Girl had tried Stadium Club a few weeks ago and really liked it, and I was looking forward to trying one of their toasted sub sandwiches.  Or a Red Hot Chicago dog.

If you are in the Rochester area, you need to eat here.  Today. and tomorrow. and often.  Forget Subway, Erbert & Gerberts, Jimmy Johns, and the chain sub shops.  This locally owned eatery has more than toasted subs and Chicago red hots.  You can also order up a pizza -- the usual ways, or gourmet style that you can eat in, or take and bake at home.

If you like sports memorabilia ---  you'll really like this place!

Stadium Club is located in the TJ Maxx plaza, next to David's Bridal.

Hit it up -- you'll love it!

This is not a paid advertisement.
Stadium Club has no idea who I am.

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  1. Never seen it, nor heard of it, but if you're recommending it... We're going, maybe for lunch today!

  2. you will not regret it~! Tell 'em I sent you ... hehe


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