Sunday, January 15, 2012


On December 26 a sweet little girl was born.

Emerson McCall 
was born at 9:05pm weighing in at 7.2 lbs and 21 inches

Emerson's proud parents are Drew and  Bri.
Drew is Mr. D's nephew.
Which makes Mr. D a Great Uncle!

Mr. D's sister and brother-in-law are proud grandparents

With 1000 miles between our front doors, it might be awhile
before we get to see our great niece

so we are happy there is such a thing as digital photos and Facebook!

Kind of related -- I found a cute headband pattern on Pinterest this weekend
so I made a few for Emerson :)


  1. Wow...she is adorable, Looks like her daddy.

  2. Aww, congrats, she is beautiful and I like the headbands!

  3. P.S. I like the head bands too, they will be so sweet on that perfect little head.

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM CST

    She is just adorable! We loved our too short visit with her. The headbands are so cute! Emerson will look so cute in them and I think Mommy will like them alot too!

  5. Kale said, "THAT'S a small BABY!"


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