Sunday, January 01, 2012

Fun at the park

We still play at the park

and I still try to take pictures of our <adult> children at the park

some times it's easier to get them to cooperate than other times

and sometimes there are many "takes" involved

after sitting in the car for a day, it felt so good to get out and play

and pretend to be Katniss
(from the Hunger Games books)

This photo...not my idea.
Baby Girl said, "could we get a nice picture of us three kids?"

the bigger question is
"Will everyone cooperate?"

Out takes for these shots not included.

Unfortunately Tim had to work every day we were there so he didn't get in the out and about  pictures --- which I'm pretty sure is just fine with him.  We can be pretty weird when the cameras come out.


  1. Cooperate or not, your kids at least are good sports about it. My boys would rather drink poison. Great picture all around, I especially like the one with the kids in the arch's.

  2. Awww, fun to see pictures of your kids, I miss them! Looks like a fun trip :)


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