Friday, January 06, 2012

Bigger than ourselves

Last night a group of people gathered in a room at Crosswinds Church to fill 43 backpacks with food for children in Pine Island schools.  

Food 4 Friends provides backpacks of supplemental food
for children that are likely missing meals over the weekend.
The backpacks we use were donated by Hom Furniture Community Relations.

You can read more about the Food4Friends program HERE

Channel One food bank and food shelf is a valuable resource for this program 
allowing churches and groups involved with
Food4Friends to buy food for just 17 cents a pound.

The food included in each backpack is for the individual student, however there is food included that will help the entire family, like a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter, or a bag of cereal.

Twice a month The Bread Baker will be donating
 1# loaves of bread for us to put in the backpacks for the children!

We include fruits, proteins and snacks in the backpacks.
A dietitian on our team assists with food choices.

With an assembly line, the packing goes very quickly

The bags are filled and then delivered to the school on Friday mornings.
Each bag has a number on it corresponding to the student it goes to.
Everything is confidential.

Notified by a "secret message" (over the P.A. system) on Friday afternoon just before school is out, the students quietly leave their classroom to pick up their backpacks.

Through the contributions of many 
much is accomplished.
When people come together and contribute time and materials
we become bigger than ourselves.
Doing more together than we can do alone.

This afternoon 43 children took food home for the weekend
that they didn't have last weekend.

Thank you 
to everyone who contributed


  1. so much awesomeness I can hardly stand it. It's crazy great!

  2. such a great service, good to know their bellies are taken care of this weekend :) I love how all the different companies come together for such a good cause.


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