Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tree Tip

Many of you are going to find this difficult to believe.

Confession:  our (artificial) Christmas tree stood in our living room wearing 2 strands of lights for six days.

Today was decision day.  The tree was either going back in the box until next year, or I was going to finish setting it up. I'm not a fan of setting up the tree, but I really don't like taking it down.

The tree is up, lighted and decorated.
It is a seven foot tree.  I like the tree to touch the ceiling.  I also like room under the tree for a train track or presents.

So I do this ....

Take two storage boxes (our lights and ornaments are stored in these) and put a board on top. Any board works, even plywood.  I just find a piece of scrap in Mr. D's garage.

Then lift the tree onto the boxes. 
This might take two people, unless you are very
clever like me and figure out how to do it alone.

This year I'm mixin' it up a little by using burlap for a tree skirt. 
In the past I've used Christmas tablecloths, lace tablecloths,
Christmas quilts and blankets.

Plenty of room under the tree
for gifts or trains.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my tree post. Great idea to put boxes under your tree. It looks great! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. It usually takes me a week to get our tree step at a time. This year the tree went up with lights on Friday 11/ was mostly decorated by Wednesday night...Jack would have imploded had I made him wait any longer. But then finishing touches of a few glass balls just went on two nights ago. In part because I just had to get all the ugly rubber maid tubs out of my living room!

    And I remember seeing your tree up on a "pedestal" many years ago and have been doing that ever since too!! Mostly cause ours is only 6.5 ft and I want it to seem a little taller. ;-)


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