Monday, December 19, 2011

Layla and Faith

Normally spending extended amounts of time outdoors in cold weather isn't my deal.
However, when spending time with Layla and Faith is involved, I'm all in.

I've been taking riding lessons -- even on cold winter days!  After lessons, I get to go on long rides through the woods and along trails on the Zumbro River.  

I ride Layla.  My wonderful teacher, Karen, rides Faith.

Layla and I are becoming especially close.  I'm seriously falling in love with this pure bred Arabian horse who I'm riding almost weekly as I learn riding skills and horse care.  Layla is incredibly sweet and patient with me as I learn while sitting on her strong back.  The more time I spend with Layla, the more confidence I gain and the more appreciation I have for the intelligence of horses and their beauty.

Faith is an Arabian/Morgan cross and is a bit more spirited than Layla.  Faith and I have spent a little time riding together, but normally I'm on Layla. 

I'm bonding with Layla.  I'm not sure she is feeling the same, but I like to think so.
I actually miss her when I haven't seen her for awhile.
I miss our pups like that too.

I have always had a love for horses, spending time each week with Layla
and riding, and learning is incredible.

 Taking lessons and riding regularly has been on my
personal bucket list for many years.
In January, 2009 I wrote my life time goals and dreams and posted it here.
I'll post more on the topic later, but I will say that
writing them down has helped me accomplish them.

I just needed the right time, place, teacher, and horse.
All the pieces came together this fall and I am so happy they did.

Riding is awesome.
Having a supportive husband encouraging me to ride
is priceless.
Thank you for supporting me and cheering me on Kirk!


  1. You look like a natural Cheri. I rode horses alot when I was a kid....bareback. I can tell you are a happy girl, way to make your dreams happen (and Yay for kirk...such a great guy!!!) Love all the pictures, they belong in frames

  2. Gorgeous do look good!! The girlies will love seeing these!

  3. That's so cool Cheri, way to learn something new that you've always wanted to do. You look like you belong up there!

  4. From Karen....
    Good Morning Cheri!

    What can I say???! I'm so humbled & love your blog about me & my "girls"!! Believe me, I can't say enough how wonderful it's been to teach you. It's been my wish for the longest time to give riding lessons like this; It's such an answer to prayer. Just wait until this summer - if you've been enjoying these rides in the wind & cold, I can't wait to show you where the REAL trails are! For me, there's few things better than a ride after a long winter when it's spring and there's the pungent scent of freshly plowed fields, fresh blooming wildflowers, & apple orchards & the sight of new fawns. It's gonna be great! It wouldn't suprise me if there's a horse of your own in your future :), just sayin'........

    Love, Hugs & Blessings to you my Friend,


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