Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Our tree.
It's very different from the trees we decorated when
the kiddos were little.

Each year since their birth, our kids were given ornaments for Christmas.
Ornaments came from grandparents, aunts & uncles, us and their friends. 
Those ornaments are now sorted into 3 boxes, one for each kid. 

This is our 2011 Christmas tree.

and our 2010 Christmas Tree

The 2009 Tree

and the 2008 Tree

The Ornaments

Swarovski crystal snowflake

glass bells from our  2nd Christmas

blown glass wedding bells we bought for our first Christmas

Maddie's collar & tags

vintage miniature cards

Homemade vintage mini cards
made by my grandmother
(crafting is in my bloodline :) 

Mr. D's baby shoes
(also worn by our boy)

Baby cups -- one for each of our kids

vintage-look ornament

glass ornament

Holland windmill 
a gift from dear friends who moved to Holland, MI

You can see how we set up our tree to gain some "height" here


  1. Your tree is quite beautiful!

  2. (sniff-sniff...)
    I love ornaments and the stories/memories they hold.

  3. Good decision that -- setting up the tree even when we don't feel like it :)


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