Thursday, December 08, 2011

Back to school

I went back to school yesterday afternoon

all the way back to kindergarten 

it had been 17 years since I sat in a kindergarten class.
Just a little over 17 years ago Mr. D and I watched
our Baby Girl step up onto that big yellow school bus for her
long-awaited first day of school.
It was "yesterday", wasn't it?

But for real "yesterday" I went back to kindergarten.
This go 'round -- our Baby Girl was the teacher!
It was her last day of student teaching and I had
the privilege of sitting in and observing her teach.

She was fabulous
(I'm not just saying that 'cuz she's my daughter)

In some ways it felt very surreal watching her teach
these adorable kindergarten students 

yet, it also felt very normal
very natural
like she was in her sweet spot.

My young mom self could have used some of her
wisdom back when she was a kindergartner

(^James was the helper yesterday)

Our Baby Girl
is graduating from college

Friday morning at 10:30 am
It could be another surreal moment.


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM CST

    Congrats to Danae! She will be an awesome teacher!

  2. I especially love the last picture Cheri, What a proud time for you and Kirk. Can you believe all 3 are graduated, it's crazy how quickly it goes.

  3. I love the pics, how amazing she is! I feel like she was just a Kindergartener too!

  4. Nice post -- enjoyed it immensely! It was fun meeting Heidi as well yesterday (Danae's cooperating teacher)


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