Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Number One Son is a teacher by day

and a suave and debonnaire limo driver by night (and weekend).

Mr. D and I have never rode in a limo.
In fact, until last month, we'd never even sat in 
one of these luxury liners. 

So ... 
Mr. D and I enjoyed a 5 minute "staytrip" when our boy
"dropped by" one evening on his way to pick-up a passenger.

we really lived it up
...until the driver kicked us out

We thought we'd make an offer on the vehicle,
but it didn't fit in our garage :( 

Nike begged for a ride

and the driver told the dogs to "hop in back"

Our brush with how the rich and famous live

But....the following weekend our Mr. Limo
 stopped by in one of the sedans.

Though it was shiny and clean --
classy and sassy --
it just didn't have the oooomph
that the stretch has!

Disclaimer:  no dogs were ever subjected to a limo ride.  Though they both would have loved to ride with their  heads out the window, ears flapping in the wind!

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  1. Nate's got some mad driving-in-reverse skillz! I can hardly back up my own car let alone a limo up your driveway. And I'm smiling at the thought of the dogs out the window. :)


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