Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

Because we like to be daring, we decided that going downtown Chi-town would be a great way to spend Black Friday with the family.

We slept in a little then hopped on the 11:30 am Metra line from Crystal Lake to Ogilvie Station for a day long adventure.

Our first stop in Chi-town was Five Bucks Starbucks.  
The first photo downtown was of Mr. D in front of the Inland Steel Building.

Mr. D was in this building in 1977.  In the Board Room to be exact. Where he received a scholarship, and the guarantee of summer employment.
Summer employment in the Steel Mill.  As a janitor.  That’s a summer job that makes you grateful for an education.

Our next stop, was Millenium Park.
There were lots of smiling faces eager to hand out free hugs at the park.  We filled up on the free hugs.

Opting away from the popular “planking” our (adult) kiddos prefer “owling”…

We hung out at The Bean for a bit.  Took some pictures and did some people watching.

On our way from Millenium Park TO the John Hancock Building, we stopped at the former Chicago Library.  It was beautiful  (I'll share more photos another time)

 My niece, Mackenzie waiting outside the library...

Crossing the Chicago River on Michigan Avenue to get to the John Hancock Building.

Walking past the beautifully decorated Wrigley Building …

Getting closer as we pass “Marilyn”…

Almost there …

Arrived just in time to see the sunset from the Signature Lounge on the 96th Floor of the John Hancock Building.

 If I do say so myself, choosing to have drinks in the Signature Lounge instead of going to the Observation Deck was an epic decision!  

Observation Deck Ticket:  $15 per person.  
Drinks in the lounge:  $7 - $13.50 per person.
Relaxing in a comfortable lounge with beverage and a view:  Priceless.

After an hour or so in the lounge we headed back to Michigan Avenue,
stopping at few stores on our way to dinner …

It was a magical walk through downtown.  The weather was in the 50's with no wind.  No coats needed -- just sweaters.

The AllSaints Spitalfield clothing store entrance … very unique. very cool.

Crate and Barrel looked like a giant present all lit up.

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Grand Lux Café.
The view was as spectacular as our food. 

After dinner, we decided to take the 10:30 train home.  That meant we had to really hustle to cover the 1.5 miles to the station.  It also meant we would have to jog a few (haha) blocks.

So we walked fast. And we ran.  Through the streets of Chicago.  Through the train station.  To the tracks ...

And we made it.  On the train with 1.5 minutes to spare.
We were sweaty.  and outofbreath….and laughing.
Definitely doing a day like this again!


  1. Good times....such pretty pictures of the city.

  2. Cool pics! I was thinking all weekend how you were only 3 hours away...

  3. Gotta love visiting the city.

  4. How did you pick Crystal Lake? We want to do Chicago with a Metro into the city. Looks like a direct train ride of 1.3 hours or so?

  5. Greg .... My sister lives in Crystal Lake so we usually go downtown from there. Crystal Lake is nice ... lots of good restaurants, and not too big. Reasonable hotel there too....and of course shopping. We've stayed in a hotel in CL too.


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