Sunday, November 20, 2011

50 Tables

This afternoon I gathered with MANY other volunteers to set up for the Camp Victory Fall Celebration Fundraiser.  My role was to decorate 50 tables ...

in a Safari theme 

with a VERY limited budget

  • Grass centerpieces were donated. 
  • "Tent" table numbers were with canvas fabric that was soaked in liquid starch and ironed into "tents", then stenciled using address stencils and a foam roller.
  • Mason Jars & candles were re-used from our daughter's August wedding.
  • Animal print bandanas, plastic binoculars, and safari hats will be sold in the Camp Store during summer camps and were found on websites.

Large decorations were from a mall decorater's warehouse and were free for us to use.

Animal cut-outs were ordered on-line and will be used for summer camp decor to go with our 2012 theme:  Safari Adventure.

My friend, Jo Lynn was an amazing help to me with creative input and set-up help.  The MANY volunteers who showed up to help set up tables/chairs and decorations made my job so much easier.

Way to go Camp Victory Volunteers!

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  1. Awesome job as usual!!! I love the theme


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