Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our woods

Just across the road, behind our neighbor's lot, is a secret path ... 

It's pretty well maintained, but we have no idea who does the maintenance.  It is on what is considered to be "common area" set aside for our neighborhood -- but the city doesn't maintain it.  Our best guess is one of the area neighbors does, but we have yet to discover who that person is.

Nike and Gabby absolutely l.o.v.e. taking hikes on the several trails that wind through this area probably even more than we do!

There are a couple ponds and a creek that runs through the area and even a meadow .. which you will have to trust me on, since we didn't walk that path today.

Mr. D enjoys taking the 4-wheeler out here, which is how I have always viewed the trail until today --- when I discovered I really like walking the trail -- so I walked it twice.  
So did the doggies. 

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