Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mr. D's Cylinder Index

This is a post for the men who read this blog ....

I'm going to attempt to explain Cylinder Indexes, also known as C.I.'s. to the women who read, and maybe to a few men out there.

What is a Cylinder Index?
A Cylinder Index is a measurement in which the total number of internal combustion engine cylinders owned or possessed by an individual is tallied and totaled to determine the individual's CI.  It's a term invented by a radio broadcaster Joe Sourcheray (aka the Mayor) and talk show host of Garage Logic.

To figure your CI, simply count the total number of cylinders
in all the internal combustion engines you own.

For example
Mr. D has 6 cylinders in his van, 6 cylinders in the Buick.
His weed wacker has 1, the chain saw has 1, the four-wheeler has 2
the leaf blower has 1, the riding mower has 2, the push mower has 1
and so on.

Mr. D just added up all his cylinders for me

His Cylinder Index
or "CI" 

29 !

One of his favorite gas powered engines
is this multi-purpose machine

It comes in handy doing yard work
and plowing the driveway in winter

and is also a great vehicle for 

seeing the countryside on

So gentlemen ....
rev up your engines, count your CI's
and post 'em in a comment!


  1. Oh boy. Mine (I think) is only 15. And since 12 are from a minivan and a ford escape, that sounds even LESS manly.

    Although I have to ask, can my pathetic number be offset by the number of guitars I have in the house?

    If so, then we're MUCH closer :-)

  2. Greg, unfortunately there isn't any way to include guitars in this index. :(
    However, I think you should declare some kind of "Rocker Index" ! You would rule that index!


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