Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Chef

Recently Mr. D and I invited Chef Johnny to The Cottage to cook for us and some friends.   Let me tell ya, this girl sure could get used to this!  All I had to do was have a shelf in my refrigerator empty, do some housekeeping, and light some candles.  Johnny brought the food, and did the cooking ... and yes, the clean up too.

Johnny arrived with his sweet daughter, Lia an hour before our guests were expected.  The father daughter team quickly got to the business of preparing food.

When guests arrived we welcomed them with a Flirtini (Martini) and Johhny

encouraged our guests to try different combinations of cheese, fruit, figs, nuts, dried cherries, and meats from the amazing platter of goodness.

You'll have imagine our first course -  the seared black pepper seasoned Ahi Tuna cooked medium-rare and served with a broccoli slaw in the center of a platter, the Ahi arranged beautifully around the outside of the platter.  You'll also have to imagine the amazing aroma, and the incredible taste...because I was so busy eating this dish that I forgot to photograph it.

 Each time Johnny prepared a dish he would have us gather around and he would explain what the dish was, what ingredients were used, and how he prepared the dish.  Then he would tell us to grab a plate and give it a taste.

Many of the dishes were new to us.  The seasoned lamb ribs with Zinfandel-Blackberry BBQ sauce, served with warm homemade focaccia was very good, very different, and received mixed reviews -- but was undeniably good.  The BBQ sauce was beyond words.  The recipe for the BBQ Sauce can be found here on Johnny's website on the "featured recipe" on the bottom left of screen.

Another dish I was too busy eating to photograph were the stuffed Portabella mushrooms topped with prosciutto.  The seasoned goat cheese, stuffed sweet peppers were amazing.  They were light, easy, tasty and palate cleansing.

... a clean palate was important for my favorite ... the medium-rare filet with gorgonzola sauce served with peppered, steamed rice.  I requested this baby ... it's one of my favorites that Johnny makes!

When Johnny said another dish was ready, nobody hesitated!  We all jumped up to see what he had made, ready to taste!

Chef Johnny Mangouras was also the chef for Cara and Tim's rehearsal dinner in August.  He is a joy to spend time with and is an excellent chef.  Mr. D and I are thinking we'd like to have Johnny back sometime -- invite some friends, and have everyone pitch in some doh-ray-me for an evening of exquisite food, good wine and fabulous friends in our home.  

If you need a caterer for an event, I highly recommend 
If you live in Rochester you can enjoy Johnny's 
on Wednesday & Friday evenings
and for Brunch on Sunday's.

Maybe we'll see you there--

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  1. What a great time!! Thanks! I really need that Flirtini recipe!


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