Sunday, October 02, 2011

Elegant Wedding

Mr. D and I attended a wedding in the Cities on Saturday.
We also did a little decorating for this beautiful wedding.  Though the venue would have been amazing with nothing added, my friend Deb (mother of the bride) had great vision for enhancing the surroundings.

I put together these tall cylinder vases with polished river rock in the bottom, curly willow, and orange Mokara Orchids that the florist provided.  Small glass votive candle holders hung from the willow branches.  These arrangements were on one-third of the tables.  We also added the smaller votives (from mother of bride) to each table.

The florist did the three smaller cylinders with orchids and grass
and floating candles on a third of the tables

and cube vase arrangements on the other third of the tables.


I also did the ceremony decorations.
For the "aisle" we used large fall mums in white ceramic pots
(from JoAnne Fabrics) with
curly willow (which I grew) tied to the railings. 
A grouping of smaller mums in Ikea baskets were
placed further down the aisle.

On top of the large pots of mums I 
added the bride and grooms initials (from Hobby Lobby).

I used hanging glass jars (from Pottery Barn) filled with cut mums
to hang from the chairs with a ribbon.

The venue

 beautiful in the afternoon
and after dark

We've known this sweet bride since she was born, and her dad
before he met her mom.  Back in the days when Mr. D and
I were newlyweds ourselves.

These two were amazing and wonderful help to us
for our girls wedding two months ago

and it was so nice to be able to help with their
daughter's wedding this weekend.
Mr. D and I also enjoyed a nice mini get-a-way
in the Cities, and slept-in this morning.

Congrats Deb & John on hosting a beautiful wedding
and congrats to Benj and Kristina --- 
we wish you a beautiful life together.


  1. Such a beautiful looking venue. You always do such a nice job Cheri.

  2. I LOVE this post!!! Thanks for ALL you did!! it was amazing and I hope I have your permission to post back to this from my page!!

  3. Beautiful wedding ceremony / celebration! Nice job by all involved.


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