Sunday, September 04, 2011

My Labor Day

Saturday was my self-proclaimed labor day.
With a box of pears at the peak of ripeness in our garage, 
and jalapeno peppers by the bucket full in the garden, it was time to get busy.

I started the day with a batch of jalapeno pepper jam.

Jalapeno pepper jam is a sweet/spicy mix that tastes
great on crackers spread over cream cheese.

While the jalapeno jam was in the canner, I started making some pear butter.

Pear crisp was next on the list.  
Making it in half pint mason jars was fun ... and easy!

Finally I made a Pear Almond Galette.

Incredibly easy.
Incredibly yummy!


  1. Wow - I'm impressed and jealous. I am not doing any canning from the garden this year... I had warned John in the spring that I would be too busy this September :-) and I am!

  2. You had betterbe saving me some of that pepper jelly!! I wish I lived closer so I could can with you!

  3. yum yum. Look amazing :)


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