Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day

Today the boys and girls split off and did different activities.

The boys went to the Cities to the last day of the King Tut exhibit at the Science Museum then headed over to Target Field to see the White Sox school the Twins.  (Mr. D and I are long time Chicago fans)

Us girls stayed home and did girl stuff.  Like cleaning.  Organizing.  Sorting.  Re-arranging rooms.  Now, don't feel sorry for us.  We enjoyed ourselves.  Baby Girl worked on her bedroom, sorted through years of accumulated artifacts and got herself ready for her first day of student teaching tomorrow.  I kicked butt in my closet and dresser getting rid of clothes I don't wear, or have worn out.  Then I treated myself to a little room re-arranging, tweaking, and decorating.

I played around a little with the fireplace mantle.  I'm not ready to decorate it fall yet, so this is still a tad bit "summerish".

In the great room I angled the sofa and love seat.
Then I created a new coffee table.  I used a couple of refurbished crates I had in the garage and took the top off an antique oak pedestal table we had in the garage.

The table is remarkably sturdy, but we like to put our feet up on the coffee table, so I'm going to ask my amazing DIY husband if he can (somehow) add a few screws to secure the table to the crates for even more stability.

This is the first time the room has ever been like this, and I think it is my favorite.  It feels very open yet cozy arranged this way.

I also changed the "jar ingredients" in my favorite lamp ... 

to something a little more  fall looking...

Baby Girl and I treated ourselves to Chipotle carry out and frozen margaritas for dinner.

It's been a very productive day.
Baby Girl and I both like productive days!


  1. I had a great day with you momma! even if we were in different parts of the house for most of it! :) Thanks for dinner! I love you! :)

  2. My favorite part is the frozen Margarita's! But I love what you did to your room...


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