Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I don't know you, you don't know me...

Confession # 754

We did the unthinkable.
The Inconceivable.
The Dirty
the Nasty.

It felt so wrong.  We felt so dirty.
But we did it anyway.
Just to say we'd been there, and done that.

Heck, we were driving right by the place.

We were on our way to Door County
and had to go through Green Bay.
(Green Bay is a smaller city than Rochester -
imagine having a NFL stadium/team in the Roch!)

Fans were waiting outside the fence where players exit the stadium
at the hope of getting an autograph. 
The players were on their way to the practice field across
the street from the stadium.

A few of the players were gracious and signed several autographs, 
others were just plain rude and totally ignored the fan requests.

that was pretty disappointing -- 
there were only a half dozen people, ahem ....FANS.... waiting.
before we knew it, we were on a tour of Lambeau Field.

I know -- wrong on so many levels.

We started at the top
in one of the sweet suites.

 Here's where the rich and famous or corporate minded
hang out for the games.

I've experienced the suite life
at a Timberwolves game.
It's fun, and the food is yummy, and the view
is fabulous, and it makes you feel important.
For a football game though .... I'd rather have a front row seat
on the 50 yard line
unless it happens to be a very cold day.
Then I'll take a suite, thank you very much.

Everyone was pretty excited to see this authentic
*Heisman Trophy donated by Paul Hornung.
(never even heard of him prior to our tour)

We walked through The Tunnel onto the field.

Before we left the field our tour guide told us some gobbledy-gook
about forever leaving our voice on Lambeau Field.
At the count of three he said to yell "GO -  P_ CK - GO!"
I can't even type it, much less yell it.
The tour guide noticed I didn't yell.  He knew I was from Minnesota.
So he made us yell it again.
This time I whispered ...
"Go ............ Go"
and filled in the blank with my preferred team.

I took a picture of Mr. D in front of the stadium with his phone.
He sent the photo to his VIKING fan friend at work.
His friend texted this back...

"I don't know you.
You don't know me." 

You all realize that Mr. D and I are loyal Bears Fans right?

Probably leaves some of you saying .....

"I don't know you .....
You don't know me."

Da Bears

Paul Hornung trophy history (what it says on the plaque):
*Dubbed “The Golden Boy” after winning the Heisman Trophy in 1956, Paul Hornung went on to have one of the most storied careers in NFL history.  Hornung led the NFL in scoring for three straight years and was voted the league MVP in 1960 and 1961.  His ability to pass, run, block and tackle led Vince Lombardi to call him “the most versatile man who ever played the game.”  In the 1961 NFL Championship game, Hornung was on holiday leave from the Army when he stunned the New York Giants with a record-smashing 19-point outburst as the Packers won 37-0.  Horning is enshrined in the National High School, College Football and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

In September of 2003, Paul Hornung graciously donated his orginal Heisman Trophy to be put on display for all current and future Packers fans to enjoy.

Note:  the numbered confession has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all.  It's just a number I randomly typed. 

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