Thursday, August 25, 2011

What we wore ...

Among the most commonly asked questions prior to the wedding were "what are the bridesmaids wearing?", "what are the groomsmen wearing?", and finally "what are you  wearing?"

For inquiring minds .... here's the scoop ....

The groomsmen wore Nantucket Red pants, Navy Blazers, and white button down shirts with blue stripe ties.

So did the groom.

The bridesmaids wore short navy dresses.  They had several styles to choose from, it just turned out that two bridesmaids chose the "Y"-neck style and the others chose a strapless style.

The ladies chose well for themselves.

The bride's mom wore a simple light blue print dress....purchased at Ann Taylor Loft Outlet.  On sale.

The Father of the bride, as well as the Groom's father sported tan slacks, navy blazer, white button down shirt and red and blue stripe tie.

The bride's cousin, who was the ring keeper (more on that later) wore a dress right off the rack (and on sale) from Gymboree.

Everyone looked beautiful and coordinated perfectly
especially these two ...

All photos graciously submitted by family and friends.

Up next .....
     I have no idea!

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  1. I'll agree that everyone looked nice... quite the celebration that.


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