Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Treats

and now back to the wedding .....

While living in Upstate New York (Endicott) we attended many weddings.  Many Italian weddings.  At traditional Italian weddings there is typically a dessert or sweet table with cake and large trays of cookies.  Sometimes the cookie platters are piled high on each guest table, sometimes a "cake" is made of cookies piled high.  We loved the dessert/sweet table so much at these weddings that Cara and I decided to bring a little of our Endicott days to Minnesota!

The months before the wedding I baked.  
Friends baked.  My sister baked.

Lots of baking took place.  We had a large assortment of pretty and tasty cookies in our 

Dozens of coconut cupcakes filled the freezers of friends and the remaining space in our freezer.

On wedding day friends pulled the cookies and treats from the freezer and other hiding places (the candy) and created beautiful and irresistible displays.

Seeing the beautiful display of sweets at the wedding reception made all the work very rewarding.

Without referring to my notes, I think there were over a dozen different kinds of cookies

Using food color markers we wrote on cookies.
My niece, Mackenzie, used a rubber stamp
and food color markers to stamp on the cookies!

The bride likes Swedish Fish
and happens to have a Swedish heritage....

The groom loves doughnuts, 
though bakery doughnuts are his favorites we couldn't
resist this little nod to the groom's tastes...

wanting splashes of red on the table, we
added some mints and red twists too

The groom also really likes Skittles ...

200 coconut cupcakes on a tier with a 
6" white cake on top for the new Mr. & Mrs. to cut

I worried that I wouldn't have enough cookies.
I didn't need to.


  1. You had the best cookies and cupcakes! Glad you are posting some wedding stuff!! I've been rationing out the coconut cupcakes - I still have a couple left and would love that recipe!

  2. Best treats EVER, never seen anything like it on a wedding.

  3. For some unknown, strange, and completely out of character reason, I did not even make it over to the treat table!!! :( I ate half of Cale's little red cupcake and that's it. Natalie wants you to know that she loved the powdered donuts! (She ate at least 3!)

  4. I LOVED the cookie table. Maybe a little too much, because I LOVE COOKIES! I think I need pretty much every recipe...especially, I think they were Cherry cookies dipped in frosting with sprinkles. Amazing. Seriously - best thing ever!


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