Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spontaneous actions

Let's take a break from the obvious and expected post wedding posts.  I have no dadgum clue where to begin with the wedding posts.  So, let's take a detour, while I sort photos and determine potential blog posts.

Thursday evening Mr. D and I strolled through downtown Rochester checking out the vendors and musicians at Thursday's On First while we waited to meet friends for dinner downtown.  Approximately 6 minutes into our walk down First Street the Camp Companion booth caught our attention.  Actually, it wasn't so much the booth, but all the attention a certain little furry guy (who was up for adoption) was drawing. ....
Mr. D said:  (paraphrased)  "I'd take him home".
Me:  (paraphrased)  "well, then fill out the papers for an adoption".
Mr. D:  "I'll bet you a dollar he isn't up for adoption"
We shook hands on the bet.  (furry guy was wearing a bandana that said 'adopt me', so I felt pretty confident.
The kind ladies at the booth confirmed that the sweet, friendly, attention loving furry guy was indeed up for adoption.

Twenty-four hours later we were picking up "Nike" for a two night sleepover home visit.

Nike has been with us since Friday evening and is proving to be a great match for our family.  The biggest deciding factor was whether Gabby would get along with Nike.

We'd seen Nike with the foster home dog, and with young children as they poked and prodded at his face while Nike just laid on the ground soaking up all the attention.  But Gabby, well, she isn't always too friendly with other dogs.

Other than establishing who is the big cheese, and who is the peon
the two pups are getting along great.

It's a hoot to watch them play together and run around the yard!

Tomorrow evening we make it official.
We hand over some dough-ray-me,
sign some papers
and Nike is ours.

What we know about Nike:
  • He came from an Indian Reservation rescue which you can read about here.
  • He is an Australian Terrier, which some say is a mix of Yorkie and Cairn Terrier.
  • He is approximately 2 years old.
  • He's been vet checked, neutered (last week), and is healthy.
  • He does great with kids of all ages.
  • He does great with other dogs.
  • He likes to catch chickens :(  (we will have to work on that)
About this experience (and us):
  • We don't usually (rarely to never) do anything this spontaneous.
  • We had been talking about getting another dog.
  • We both love dogs.
  • Nike is the right size dog for us, and doesn't shed (allergic people in the house)
  • Nobody is sneezing, or has watery eyes!
  • We've never rescued a dog before.  It feels good.
P.S.  Mr. owe me one dollah!


  1. Awww Gabby has a playmate. He looks like a fun pup, cant wait to meet him.

  2. I knew you'd get him when you first posted on fb! :)

  3. Looks like a good match for Gabby and the you guys. Wish we were brave enough to get another dog. Our's is so energetic, not sure we could handle another one...and then there's the traveling. Not sure I want to take 2 dogs.


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