Monday, August 01, 2011


I try to let the chickens out to roam the yard as often as I can.  The past few days I've let them out every day.  Except today -- it was raining.  And the Coopers Hawk was hanging around.

Usually by the time I let them out of the pen they have all already laid their eggs.  But not always.
Sometimes I randomly find eggs in the yard.  Usually near the pen/coop.

This evening Mr. D and Nate were doing some wedding projects in this area by the sleeping porch.

At least two of the hens used this secluded spot for their nest.

We had noticed that they seemed very interested in this spot -- but we figured the bugs were especially thick there.

Even though we don't use the eggs found this way, they are still fun to find.


  1. hahahaha this cracked me up when you showed/told me about it! silly chickens! :D

  2. Hey... it's an Easter egg hunt. I love your chicken stories.


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