Monday, August 29, 2011


The most requested recipe among all
the sweets at the wedding

is the coconut cupcake

It's a favorite cake and cupcake at
The Cottage.

People who don't like coconut,
like this cupcake.

People who love coconut,
love this cupcake.

you would like this
secret recipe

leave a comment telling me who you will make the cupcakes for. 
Your sweetheart, neighbor, grandma, Aunt Bunny?
Or will you make a batch and hide them all for you?

After you leave your comment
send me an email at
and I will send you the recipe.
(you can leave your email in your comment if you'd like)


  1. I never did get one of those cupcakes...not sure why? I do love coconut, so I'm sure I would have loved it.

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM CDT

    Sorry Jackie, I must have ate yours... and a few others too ;)

  3. Pretty please send me this recipe - I need it so I can eat them - OK, I will share with Mr. John!

  4. Please send it to me too... oh wait -- I know where it is!

  5. Awsome cupcakes, I will make them for my Bible Study, Tom & myself and I can even make them for you. I would have loved to make them for grandma and for Aunt Bunny. You did such a great job with everything for Cara's wedding. You did it with such grace. Love Ya so much, Mom

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM CDT

    Yes, please send me the cupcake recipe! You can put us all out of our misery and just post the wedding fare recipe booklet, sharing all the wonderful recipes everyone enjoyed. It's so hard to be strung along!! Yikes!
    Sandy (but you know it)

  7. I would make this for me! And for my mother in law and my parents. We are all crazy about coconut and those were some YUMMY cupcakes!

  8. Anonymous3:46 PM CDT

    I would love this recipe! I am going to try to make it gluten free. Cannot wait to hear more about the wedding! By all appearances you hit the ball out of the park with the wedding, I loved all your touches!

  9. Anonymous10:20 PM CDT

    I would love to try your recipe--I'll make it for my Mom and sister (and me:) who also LOVE coconut. Cupcakes are so much more fun than a whole cake, thanks for sharing. Lovely blog!

  10. Avril ... just sent your copy of the recipe! Enjoy.


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