Sunday, July 10, 2011

Working weekend

There wasn't so much relaxing around The Cottage this weekend, but there was a LOT accomplished.  We have "working" weekends to go.  I'm actually starting to believe we will make our deadline~

Nate ran a couple errands for me over the weekend and came back with a red chair! (per my request).

Mr. D worked all week on the brick edging around The Cottage  .... all around.

Putting in the last piece was momentous.  

This wet saw was a valuable investment for the project --- and will come in handy when we get around to re-tiling/remodeling our bathroom!

Meanwhile, I painted the potting bench . . .

and planted a few plants.  I really scored on this mandevilla --- only $12 at Home Depot!

I also replanted a few of Mr. D's cacti.  Now you really want some don't you?  
We still have plenty! 

Pardon my photos --- I realize they are blurry .... dang...and not edited.  I'm going to talk Nate into posting for me over the next couple weeks --- I'm a tad bit short on time lately and, well so much of what I'm doing is wedding related --- and secret.  Until after the wedding.

Mr. D and I are looking forward to the wedding --- but we are really looking forward to a weekend on Battle Lake in August!  And a weekend get-away in September too.

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