Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Midwest family mission trip

My sister and her family went on a mission trip in the Midwest last weekend.
Specifically --- a mission trip to Minnesota.
More specifically --- a mission trip to help family --- in Rochester.
Family that has a long list of things to git done by August 6th.

My sister, her hubby, two of her daughters and a friend of a daughter converged on the cottage to work..... we baked ....

and mowed, and painted

 and planted
and planted 

and repaired
and planted
and planted

and painted

and baked some more

and did some art projects

and dug 

and laid some brick

and .....
did some art work, mowed under LOTS of evergreen trees, put together a wet-saw, cleared out another garage area, hooked up an extra freezer, completed an un-named wedding project, folded napkins and gussied them up a bit, counted LOTS of mason jars, cut suckers around fruit trees, frosted lots of cookies, laughed, talked, swam, hugged, snuggled, talked more, laughed more, and experienced how fun it can be to work side-by-side with each other.  Skills and talents were shared and we learned from each other.

We're thinking this might just become a tradition.  In the fall, we might head to their place for a family mission weekend --- but not til fall -- or maybe spring.  Time to be determined.

We have 4 more weekends until the wedding --- 5 weeks.
Summer is flying by faster than it ever has!


  1. Wow - quite the weekend... glad you got lots accomplished!!

  2. Thats just such a "feel good" blog. You have a lovely family Cheri.... you are blessed. Looks like you accomplished a ton. That's gotta feel good.

  3. LIKE! And just remember, there are lots of us right here that would be willing to come work the "local" mission field too.

  4. Cheri,

    Love how your family pulled together and 'got 'er done!' I have to empty and prepare my mother's home to get sold if your caravan is headed east. :)

    Five weeks! How exciting. Look forward to 'attending' via your blog.

    Your Friend,


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