Monday, July 11, 2011

measuring for a table

When the Bride made her decision on some of the seating, shall we say, "situations" for the wedding, we got to work on figuring out the appropriate size for certain tables.

 I am a very visual-person and telling me dimensions means nothing.  My niece and Baby Girl were very kind and measured out various table sizes with chalk on the driveway.

Then we sat some folding chairs around the perimeter of the "table" to see how they would fit.  And if they would fit.

We also tested how "far away" or close people would feel to each other when seated across the table from one another.

Several tables were drawn.  Several adjustments in seating were discussed.

 But best of all, decisions were made!

Still checking things off the list,


  1. Such creative ladies, I'm the same way...gotta see it, cant just imagine it.

  2. I love it... I hope you are going to help me when your wedding is done! I have 81 days to go :-)

  3. Deb --- You got it .... I'll be ready to help on August 8th and I am eager and looking forward to helping you!


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