Sunday, July 24, 2011

Color Change

I've changed up the master bedroom.  I know, you aren't surprised.  It isn't permanent, just a fun change.  The bride will be dressing in our bedroom, so I wanted something lighter and brighter.  A look that was a bit more vintage.  Colors that would enhance her dress, and her bridesmaid's dresses.

It started out like this

and finished like this

this ....

to this ...

Total cost of room redo:  $25 - for two lamp shades at TJ Maxx

What I did:

  • Flipped the 3 floral square pillows to the plain white side
  • Changed the shams from the floral to white ("shopped" my linen closet)
  • Added the pink stripe pillow cases  (from my linen closet)
  • Covered the yellow stripe bolster type pillows with two (older) pillowcases with pink embroidery  (from my linen closet)
  • Removed the duvet cover, added the pink & white quilt.  (from my linen closet)

This look is good for a bride's dressing room -- fresh & crisp.
Mr. D is tolerating the pink --- I assured him I'll change it back after the wedding.
He's such a good sport!

Not shown:  my dresser top got cleared off --- (and will need a clearing again before the wedding)...and I added a pretty cut glass vase with hydrangeas.

So much prettiness :)

Tomorrow:  I have another big color change to show you!!


  1. I was just telling a friend how cool it is that your daughter gets to get ready for her wedding in her parents bedroom. What a great memory for all of you. Especially in the most prettiest of room. I love it.

  2. I love what you did!! Makes me wish Kristina will be here instead of a hotel room! But IIWII :-)


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