Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a new pad

Mr. D recently celebrated a birthday.  
Unfortunately his gift arrived post-birthday.
My bad.

My plan was to purchase his gift the day he picked me up at the Minneapolis airport on my return from Cincinnati.  (It was the day before his birthday) The only place that had the birthday gift I was in search of was at the Mall of America.   I craftily mentioned I needed to pick something up for the wedding at the mall.  Mr. D isn't a fan of malls.  I had to be clever.

I'd done my (online) homework and knew exactly were to go at the mall.  I walked Mr. D straight to the Apple Store.  Then I told him ... "You are getting a gift here today". 
And that gift will be an . . . .

Slightly concerned that Mr. D would buck me on this purchase (he doesn't like impulse purchases) I assured him that I'd done my homework and consulted with a friend and Apple expert.  While Mr. D played with the display models, I went to the service desk to purchase his birthday gift.

and. they were out of it.
We came home empty handed.  I was disappointed.
If Mr. D was disappointed. He didn't show it.  I hate it when my plans fail.

It was a happy day, and he was a smiling guy the day his birthday package arrived.  The bonus of ordering your iPad online is you get free engraving on the back. 
Mr. D chose:  his name 
below his name:  "Son, Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle"

He is enjoying his new iPad.  And so is our boy.  But that's another story.

I've left it alone -- fearing that I, too, will become addicted. andwantoneofmyown.
For  now, I'm happy watching Mr. D enjoy his iPad.
He's been reading books on his computer in bed.  I think the iPad is a littler smaller and easier to read in bed with. Don't you think so honey?


  1. Great idea Cheri, I was even a little disappointed when you said..."they were out", Bummer. I'm glad Kirk has it not and he's getting to enjoy his new toy.

  2. *now I wish i would learn to proof read before I hit the "send" button.

  3. I have iPad envy! Maybe someday.... I'm sure he is enjoying it!!

  4. Thanks for the gift! It's nice, and lots to learn as usual. :)


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