Sunday, June 26, 2011

A new look

Mr. D and I did jobs around the house this weekend like it was our job.  I am so tired right now I can barely keep my eyes open to write this post!  It's a good tired, which means I'm going to sleep well tonight.

One item we checked off our list was hanging curtains in our bedroom.  I've put it off for over a year as I tried to decide what I wanted to do ... and IF I even wanted to hang curtains.

THEN the bride came for a visit, and we met with the photographer who asked the Bride, "where will you be getting dressed?"  And the Bride replied, "My parent's bedroom".

Oh.  Ok.  Awesome.  Better make some window treatment decisions I guess!

Too bad I didn't get busy with this sooner.  I really like the curtains.  The room is now almost ready for a bride to get dressed in!  A little more tweaking of the finer details and we're set.

Another wedding "to do" moved to "done".

Now I must go to my delightful bedroom to get my beauty rest!


  1. Did you ever think that your sweet daughter would be getting ready for her wedding in your bedroom. That is very cool. Love the new look. A photographers dream, the "getting ready pics" will be lovely, I"m sure of that.

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