Saturday, June 11, 2011

Live Stream

Dad and brother in St. Louis.
Mom and sister in Rochester.
Tim in Cincinnati.

We all were watching our Cara graduate from the University of Cincinnati this morning, via live streaming on our computers.  Except Tim.  He is our hero -- he was there representing all of us!

We really wanted to be there.
Thankfully we have a very understanding daughter.

We've had to make some tough decisions this summer.  Missing events we really would like to attend.  An out of town wedding.  Out of town graduation open houses of our nephew's and one niece, and Cara's graduation.  Right now Mr. D is in St. Louis helping his sister clean out Dad & Mom's house in preparation of selling it.   Some days I feel very "in control" and other days I'm overwhelmed with all I have on my to do list.  Yes, yes.  I am aware that some things won't matter.  I'm keeping priorities in focus.  I'd still prefer to be very organized and prepared, and relaxed the week of the wedding and especially the day of the wedding .... and not frantic.
I know it is possible.... and it is my goal.
Now if I can only get everyone else in my family on the same page. :)

Congratulations to our "Wild One" on your graduation!
We were watching from across the country!
Love you.


  1. Please please call me if there is anyway I can help this summer...if you have a little project I can do for you.

  2. Karyn....I will most likely take you up on that offer. We are lining up "the projects" and gathering supplies. When we are ready to go, we'll give you a call! ;)
    Thank you SO much for your offer.

  3. You KNOW I am willing and ready to help, For the most part, I never am busy in the evenings... and I only work 2-3 days a week. I also love working on little, projects (especially with you) Please let me know what I can do to help....I know alot of the things get busier toward the end, but I will help in any capacity you need me.

    Very cool that you go to watch Care this morning, such a proud moment and I know how much you would have loved to be there. She is such a lovely young lady, oh how proud you and Kirk must be, and how relieved Cara must be that this is done. Yay Cara. Doing anything Sunday afternoon??? I'll come and keep you company or help with anything you can think of....just let me know J

  4. You're a busy lady, because you have so many people that love you!!! Sounds like you're hangin' in there just fine. People understand when you can't be everywhere :) So excited for the wedding. And of course, count me in on helping with anything you think I can help you with!


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