Sunday, June 05, 2011

keepin' it cool

"Yeah where I come from ... (we do) a lotta front porch sitting"*

and we don't turn on the air conditioning. usually.

there are plenty of ways to keep cool at The Cottage . . .

With windows open we fall asleep to the sound of a fan whirring, and crickets chirping and wake to birds  singing (instead of an alarm clock).
Filed under:  things you miss when an air conditioner is running


*lyrics from Alan Jackson song, "Where I come from".


  1. I prefer the Air conditioner, mostly because of the nasty humidity. I'm a happier person because of it. Just heard upper 90's for Monday and Tuesday with lots O' humidity... My air will be on ! If I had a pool I'd be in it.
    Stay cool my friend !

  2. I know you like air conditioning Jackie! I do too. sometimes. I know it will be on here soon -- so I am relishing in the sounds I'm hearing this evening.


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