Monday, June 20, 2011


Busy, busy, busy long weekend here at The Cottage.

1.  Thursday:  Pick up Cara at airport in Minneapolis.  Check.
2.  Shop at TJ Maxx.  Check.
3.  Meet with wedding photographer.  Check.
4.  Bridal Shower.  Check.
5.  Grocery Shop.  Check.
6.  Meet with florist.  Check.
6.  Celebrate Nate's birthday (24th).  Check.
7.  Hang with kids and play games.  Check.
8.  Install hitch on van.  Check.  (Thanks for helping Kraig!)

 9.   Bride trial run hairstyling.  Check.
10.  Second trial run hairstying.  (different salon)  Check.
11.  Make dinner for friend (and deliver).  Check.
12.  Work on wedding program.  Check.
13.  Work on reception seating.  Check.
14.  Wedding, wedding, wedding planning.

15.  Games with family.  Check.
16.  Work on cleaning out garage and packing kids apartment stuff up.  Check.
17.  Load van for donation trip. Check.
18.  Fertilize and spray weeds in yard.  Check.
19.  Laundry.  Check.
20.  Seamstress appointment (alterations).  Check.

21.  Check out wedding site at approximate (calculated) sunset of wedding date.  Check.
22.  Father's Day dinner and trip to DQ.  Check.
23.  Fabric store for wedding projects.  Check.
24.  Returns at several stores.  Check.
25.  Trip to Minneapolis airport - Cara back to Cincinnati. (boohoo).  Check.
26.  Stop at IKEA for return and to pick up a few items.  Check.
27.  Home.  Change of clothes.  Funeral home for visitation of friend's father.  Check.

We are all pretty wiped out, but very happy to have spent so much time together as a family.  Much was accomplished.  Memories made.  Love shared.


  1. I gotta go to bed, you made me tired. Amazing how much you got accomplished ! Glad you were able to have some good old quality time with the fam :)

  2. I wonder what you have been up to lately and now I know!!! 6 1/2 weeks to go!

  3. Sheesh -- I'm tired just reading the list. You left out the part about picking up the Utility Trailer :)

    A sad ending to the weekend -- but very nice of you to cook a meal for our friends.


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