Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Mr. D collects cacti.
Sometimes they make me crazy.
They multiply like rabbits.
But for about 2 days once a year --- they are BEauuuuutiful.

Mr. D took the photos.
He would also be happy to give you one of his cactus "babies".
I would too. :)


  1. Since it was wordless Wednesday, I know you didn't have enough words to say... The cactus were a gift from my mom when I went to college.

  2. They are beautiful.... I've seen them up-close and personal.

  3. I LOVE cacti too...but only have two little ones (that have actually flowered for me twice!) One of my favorite places to visit in our travels was the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix last December...so many diff kinds of cacti...it was pure delight! It makes me smile just thinking about God chuckling as He put together all the shapes and colors and sizes!


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