Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just minutes ago, I head to the garage to get an egg carton for the eggs collected today.
I stop 9 paces from where I had my first thought to get the stinkin' egg carton.  
I can't remember why I'm going to the garage.  Am I going to the garage?  I don't know.  
Maybe I'm going to the basement.  Or the laundry room. 
I look back toward the kitchen hoping to see something to refresh my memory.
Ah, the eggs are sitting there on the island.  I'm going to get an egg carton.
That was easy.
Another 15 paces to the garage.
I arrive at the garage fridge. and open it.
What am I getting in the fridge?  A pop?  Milk?
Glancing to my right I see the egg cartons on the shelf by the fridge.
Happy to not have wasted a trip.  Or more time.
I grab the egg carton and head to the kitchen.  Fast.
Eggs in carton.  Fridge closed.
Back to the blog.

More typical.
Taking pictures.
This was an "easier-than-normal" attempt at taking a picture of our kiddos.

It's typically not that easy to get a simple [nice] photo.

They must have really wanted to move this picture-taking process along.


  1. I had a comment but forgot :-)

  2. small amount of trouble, AND a good picture! what a good day! :)


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