Monday, May 30, 2011

Not a typical Saturday

When I went out to collect eggs Saturday morning and let the chickens out for the day ...

I was pleasantly surprised to see rows of white chairs set up in our neighbor's yard, along with some flowers and tulle draped from trees.

A wedding was clearly on tap for the day

It was fun to see a wedding take place next door.  Everything looked so pretty and festive.  Even from a distance I could sense excitement in the air.

Seeing this wedding just spiked the anticipation of the one that will be taking place in 8 weeks here!
I decided to keep the chickens "in" for the day --- they tend to be drawn to groups of people and I don't think the guests or the bride and groom would have appreciated the biddies showing up for the ceremony!


  1. Fast forward 9 weeks! and then it will be you :-)

  2. Coming right up.... I hope it's not quite as windy as this last saturday. Cant wait :)

  3. I hope it's not as windy as the last couple days too! This is crazy!


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