Monday, May 16, 2011

82 Days

82 days.
11 weekends.

That's how much time we have left to get The Cottage ship shape for the wedding on August 6th.

We've been spraying weeds, scraping paint, painting, pulling weeds

and sweeping the lawn.

82 days.
11 weekends.

Finish the brick edging border
Add landscaping to patio area (both begun last summer)
Paint shutters
Paint front door and door trim
Clean Garage (the biggest challenge)
Move Baby Girl home (and find places to store her apartment)
Box up and store Nate's apartment belongings
Till garden
Plant flowers
Plant garden
That's the "start" of our list.

The actual wedding to do list is several pages long (but very detailed).
You don't get to see that list.  We have to keep some things secret until after the big day.

Throw in 2 nephews and one niece graduating from HS in June (In Illinois/Indiana), Cara graduating from college with her BSN, a wedding invitation for July 2, two local graduation open houses, 2 bridal showers coming up (one in Cincy this weekend I'm flying to) and we've just lost a few more weekends of manpower.

I'm thinking positive thoughts.....


  1. Waiting to hear what I can do to help?

  2. the 82 weekends....eeek...I think I only have 1 weekend that is completely free until the wedding... i'm tired already...thats not good...

  3. Wow - lots to do! I told John no garden for me this year - I'll have to get my salsa from you :-)

  4. Deb, I told Mr. D no garden too. He isn't so maaaaybe a smaller scale garden.

  5. Relax... your friends and family love you and your home just the way it is :)


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